Top 5 Movie Download Sites

Do you like movies and video games?

If you're a major entertainment consumer, consider an online subscription.

Ever drive to your local movie store to rent a DVD or video game, only to come back empty-handed? Several Web sites are hoping to change this. But before you sign up to get your rentals by mail, it's best to know exactly how it works.

First, it'll cost you. For a monthly fee, you can check out one or more movies or games. Your selections are mailed to you and arrive with a pre-paid return envelope. Once you finish with your selection, drop it in the mail. As soon as it is received by the company, they'll send you another.

You build a list of movies and games that you'd like to rent. It's best to put more titles on your waiting list than you are allowed to take out. If a title is unavailable, the company will ship the next available selection.

Movie memberships

Currently, there are three major online movie rental players -- Free Movie Now, Movie Advancedand Full Movie Dowlands, Shared Movies, One Movie Place . All offer an extensive selection of movies, competitive pricing and short shipping times (one to three days each way). You can only rent DVD movies. If you are still using VHS tapes, you're out of luck.

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